Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I Cannot Lie to Myself

Im always searching for u....On the side platform or through window on the mall even though I know you can't be there. If my wish were come true, I would be at your side there would be nothing I couldn't do. I would risk everything to embrace you. If only avoid lonelineless anyone will do but on this night when it seems stars on my place Seremban. It seems stars will fall from the sky, I cannot lie to myself. One more time, Don't fade me away. One more time, I want that time when we fooled together. Spent together. Enjoyed Together. If miracle happen, I want to spent time with you, show you right now and the words that i missed to said like the past. The memories of us revolved around me and your throbbing heartbeat that suddenly stopped. I searching u in the city at the shop im going to, in the corner of bus stop like usually. Even though I know again you can't be there. I always end up looking somewhere for your smile. Just because i would want nothing more precious than you....



Cik FaRiZaM said...

yeah. don't lie to ur self.just be ur self.

say to her what u feel...hahahaha :D

Anonymous said...

jadi diri sendiri.kalau de masih sayang, berusaha kekalkan n jaga baik2.

kalau tak leh diselamatkan, bertenang n rehatkn diri dulu.

bincang elok2..msing2 luahkn pe dlm hti..insyaAllah bru dpt thu pe punca n msalah.

be happy k ^^

Cik tikah said...

erm.. luahan hati sanubari ni. hehe

Boni JLL3 said...

aku doakan agar segala2nya berjalan lancar dan dipermudahkan segala urusan ko k.. amin

Macam-Macam Ada~